Paper Jammed in Canon ADF. What to do?

The written blog here resolves your paper jammed issues in the Canon printer. Let’s see and follow the basic information for ADF documents.

What is ADF in Canon printer?

Paper Jammed in Canon ADF. What to do?

ADF in Canon printers is the interesting automated feature basically called Automatic Document Feeder. It allows you to print, scan and copy automatically without using any physical button manually. Connect your printer to the device which has the document via wireless, USB or any other mode, and then give the command to print or scan. If the paper is already fed in Canon printer ADF, it’ll start scanning or printing automatically according to command. It functions multiple pages at once. 

During the ADF print, scan or copy function, sometimes paper gets stuck inside the ADF, so it stops working properly. It would help if you had a guide to take out the jammed paper (s) in this situation. If you try to force the jammed paper, it may cause more issues. Hence, we recommend fixing the paper jamming issue in ADF and then proceeding accordingly. 

There is a most common reason why document paper is stuck in ADF.

  • The document doesn’t match the media or fulfill environmental requirements, including high or low humidity and temperature.  

How to avoid – make sure you use fewer numbers papers if the environmental conditions are applied.

Important points to remember before you remove jammed paper from ADF  

  • If the document is stuck, don’t open the cover.
  • Avoid everything from getting inside the ADF’s document output slot.
  • When the printer is working to Fax, you can’t turn off the printer.
  • Unplugging the power cord removes all stored faxes from memory.    

How to take out jammed papers from ADF?

If you press the Stop button and Canon’s LCD shows you the notification that paper remains in the ADF, then press OK to feed out automatically.

When the printer scans and the document is jammed in the ADF, you should try the below steps to remove the stuck documents:

Step 1: First of all, make sure the printer isn’t working even after stuck documents. Press the Stop button in Canon’s control panel if it is at work. Thereafter, turn off the printer.

Step 2: Now, open the document feeder cover very slow. When you open the document feeder, make sure you remove pages except for the jammed pages in the ADF.  

Step 3: It’s now time to remove the jammed document. There are three cases while taking out the document.

  • If you can easily take out the stuck document from ADF’s top, then simply hold the paper firmly and take it out slowly.  
  • If you see that it’s not easy to grasp the document, then push down and close the document tray. Raise the paper release lever and pull out the jammed document from the output slot.
  • If the output slot and the top cover both can’t remove the document, raise the Document Cover and see the inner side or ADF’s back. Then pull out the jammed documents.

Step 4: Close the document feeder shield when all jammed documents are removed from ADF.

Step 5: You can restart scanning the document from the first page. 

If you couldn’t solve the paper jam issue with the above instructions, you need a service from Canon printer support. Look for a nearby center and make them open the Canon Printer to resolve your issue.   

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